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Our clinicl has started dental treatment for the new year from today.
Early in this new year, there was an earthquake in the Hokuriku region and an airplane accident at Haneda. My condolences to those who died and their families. Furthermore, many people are still suffering, and I sincerely hope that they can return to normal life and rebuild as soon as possible.



It has been reported that the Hokuriku region, Rumoi, and Iwamizawa are experiencing unprecedented amounts of snowfall. The weather is still mild in Sapporo, and there is almost no snowfall, so it looks like we will be able to have a calm Christmas.
There are only a few days left this year. What kind of year has it been for everyone? I am grateful for the opportunity to meet so many patients this year. Now that the coronavirus is over, the lectures I have been giving have resumed. Next year as well, I would like to actively learn and make great strides.
Notice of closure during the year-end and New Year holidays.
Dec. 28th - Jan. 3rd All days closing




It was cold this morning, and there was some snow. Our clinic is fully operational with heating and floor heating. It seems that influenza is also prevalent, so please take care of your health.
At the end of last month, I attended a conference for the study group I belong to for the first time in a while. The lecture given by the famous professor was extremely helpful. Online seminars are becoming more common due to the coronavirus pandemic, but face-to-face seminars like this still have a different feeling of excitement. It was a very fruitful seminar with lots of interaction with various dentists.
There are only two months left this year, and I want to push through with all my might.



8/11(金) ー 8/15(火) 終日休診

Sorry for the delay in updating. It's been quite hot this summer, and it's been so hot that I don't think it's Hokkaido. Is the earth really boiling? Colds are also prevalent, so please take good care of yourself.
We will be closed all day during the following period. We apologize for the inconvenience.
 11th Aug. - 15th Aug. All Day Closed.
On Thursday the 10th and 17th, we will be open as usual.



   6/23(金) ー 6/26(月) 終日休診
またそれに伴い、6/22, 29の木曜日は診療いたします。

It's still chilly in the mornings and evenings, but it's a pleasant season with beautiful fresh greenery. This week, Doudan Tsutsuji are displayed at the reception of our clinic, and the green is beautiful.
Over the course of two weeks, I gave lectures. Lecture on implants and CEREC. Thank you to the dentists and dental hygienists who attended. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the dental dealers and manufacturers.
I have information. Due to the my lecture, we will be closed all day from June 23th to 26th. We apologize for your inconvenience. However, 6/22,29 will be open our clinic.
June 23th ー 26th all day closed
June 22th, 29th all day open


5/3(水) ー 5/5(金) 終日休診

The cherry blossoms have already begun to fall this year. The period of Covid-19 is over, the tourism industry is a sign of revival. Will everyone go anywhere in this GW?
Our Clinic is closed during 03-05/May. We apologize for your inconveniece.



It was snowing out of season yesterday. However, the declaration of cherry blossoms has also been announced, and the long winter has come to the end. This year, the snow melts quickly and the sun shines longer, which makes me feel excited, but it's also the season for hay fever, so I'm terrified.
Last weekend, two hygienists and I attended seminars in Tokyo. We each attended different seminars, and I learned about digital solutions, and the hygienists about periodontal disease. They were the seminars in a long time with a large number of people at a large venue after the end of the corona crisis. We will strive to provide high-quality dental care to everyone by incorporating it into our daily clinical practice.




It's been warm this week and the snow is starting to melt. Spring is already here
Pollen dispersal seems to be at its peak in Honshu. I have hay fever, so I'm terrified.
I gave a lecture two weeks in a row. It was a lecture on dental implant and CEREC. Thank you for listening to lots of dentists. I still have a lot to learn, but the number of opportunities to give lectures has increased. The seminars that were held online due to the corona virus are gradually becoming real face-to-face. The lecture is also an opportunity for me to reconsider and learn many things. Next is the lecture at the end of May and the beginning of June. I want to do my best.



Happy New Year!
Our clinic will start the new year's dental treatment from tomorrow. What kind of year was 2022 for you? The fight against COVID-19 is almost 3 years. Access to overseas is returning to its original state, and I would like to expect the beginning of a new era.
In our clinic, we started a new aligner orthodontics last year. As a result, we now have more solutions available to our patients than ever before. The hygienist who worked at our office before will grow up and come back. I will cherish the opportunity to meet everyone and devote myself to providing high-hospitality dentistry.



当院は本日12 時をもちまして、今年の診療を終えます。今年もコロナ禍で、大変な1年になりましたが、多くの患者様に出会えたことを嬉しく思います。

Our clinic will end this year's dentall treatment at 12:00 today. It's been a tough year due to the COVID-19 crisis, but I'm grateful to have met so many patients.
The dental industry is now in a period of transition, and various innovations are appearing. We have introduced various advanced equipment at our clinic, but since medical care is also a service, we will continue to devote ourselves to valuing connections between people.
Happy New Year!



12/29(木) ー 1/3(火)

There are only 3 weeks left in this year. There are some warm days this week, and the roads are bad, so please be careful when you come to our clinic.
Information about the year-end and New Year holidays. We will be closed all day during the following period. Sorry for your inconvenience.
29/12/2022 ー 03/01/2023



Last Sunday, I attended a symposium held in Tokyo. I was surprised that Tokyo was colder than I thought. The theme of the symposium was the digitalization of dentistry. It refreshed my mind and my heart. I have opportunities to give lectures next year, so it was very helpful. Also, I was able to interact with many dentists, and it was a very meaningful day.



The autumn leaves are coming to an end, and it's the season for snow bugs. The temperature in the morning and evening will affect your body, and the footsteps of winter can be heard every moment. It's also the season for influenza. Please take care of your physical condition.
In our clinic, we have been introducing the closing information and initiatives on this homepage, but we are going to have a new instagram. With the cooperation of our staff, we are planning to cover various things !




Temperatures in the morning and evening fell into the single digits, and the first snow was observed in the Taisetsu Mountain Range. The heating has started to work in our hospital, but am I the only one who feels like it's too late to turn on the heating in early October? I pray that this winter will not be a disaster-level heavy snow like the previous season.
Recently, there has been an increasing number of requests from patients to whiten their tooth as a treatment covered by insurance. The white material is a material called resin, and unlike ceramic, it easily attracts plaque. Therefore, if you do not take good care of it, there is a risk that you will get cavities again, so careful use is required. There are conditions for use, so if you are interested, please ask our staff.




The days are getting shorter, and I can feel the signs of autumn gradually. The number of people infected with the COVID-19 continues to remain high, but the number of people infected in the Tokyo metropolitan area has started to decline, and the seventh wave may soon come to an end.
This time we will introduce you to aligner orthodontics. What patients want from orthodontic treatment is a beautiful alignment of teeth, but our number one goal is to restore the correct bite. As a by-product of that, you will get a beautiful set of teeth. The outstanding merits of aligner correction are the ability to perform simulation after final orthodontic treatment and the ability to formulate a treatment plan that includes occlusion. With aligners, you can have orthodontic treatment without feeling the hassle of general orthodontic treatment or the difficulty of brushing your teeth.




The mornings and evenings are getting cooler, and when I look at the sky and the trees lining the streets, I can feel the signs of autumn. Last summer, we suffered from severe heat, but this summer seems to have gone. A powerful typhoon is approaching, and it seems that Okinawa and Honshu are suffering damage. We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to those who have been affected.
We charge a flat fee for treatments not covered by insurance. Many other dental clinics charge different prices depending on the dental materials. Material selection is difficult for the patient, and secondary problems may arise from the use of inappropriate materials in the oral cavity. At our clinic, we are recovering a good oral environment by presenting the best materials to patients by adopting a uniform fee system. Non-insured restorations are also bonded using materials with higher adhesive strength and stability. If you are interested, please contact our staffs.


8/10(水) ー 8/14(日) 終日休診

It has been hot and humid these days. In the Kanto region, it is forecasted that the heat will exceed 40 degrees, and due to the spread of the coronavirus, we still have to wear masks every day, so please be careful not to get heatstroke.
At our clinic, we are implementing strict hygiene management based on the recommendations of the CDC. Almost all medical devices in our clinic are sterilized (Class B), and we use disposable items that cannot sterilized. Regarding the problem of aerosols, we are dealing with it not only by appropriately ventilating, but also by performing extraoral vacuum and space cleaning. If you have any questions, please ask the staff.
Our clinic will be closed all day during the following period. We apologize for your inconvenience.
10/08/2022 ー 14/08/2022 all day closed



It's a beautiful season of fresh green. As hot days continue, please be careful about heat stroke.
Do you know the word paradigm shift? A paradigm shift is a major shift in values and perceptions that have been taken for granted. For example, Darwin's theory of evolution, Galileo's heliocentric theory, and more recently the collapse of lifetime employment.
In the field of dentistry, lots of new technology and materials have emerged that have never been seen before. Dental digitalization is a classic example of a paradigm shift. At our clinic, we are actively utilizing digital technology in many treatments.
How will dentistry change10 years from now? It is not easy to predict the future, but there may be a paradigm shift not only in dentistry but also in our lives.




Do you use dental floss or interdental brushes? Dirt(Dental plaque) easily collects on the contact between teeth, and it is a part that tends to cause tooth decay.
Today we introduce dental floss made in Italy. It's a little expensive, but I think the cost performance is not so bad. It seems that entertainers are also using it on Instagram. It is durable and can remove dental plaque efficiently, so it's popular with our staff.




It has been warm everyday in Sapporo. It's a tough season for peple with hey fever. The scattering of birch pollen is almost over! A little more patience!!
Recently, many people are interested in aligner orthodonitcs. Unfortunately not for everyone but there are also many advantages over traditional methods. If you are interested, please ask to our staffs.



     5/3(火)ー5/5(木) 終日休診

We don't feel anymore the remnants of heavy snow this season, and Sapporo is already warm in spring. The cherry blossoms have also bloomed. But it's a tough season for peple wit hay fever.
There is GW early next month. This GW has also become a corona disaster, but how do you spend ?
Our clinic will be closed during GW. We appologize your inconvinience.
     May 3rd(Tue) ー 5th(Thu) all day closed




The amount of snow this season was record-breaking. Most of snow has already melted. The sunlight, It's just right!
In this April, our clinic is the 5th anniversary. I met great staffs and patients. Thank you for all the ties. Thank you to everyone involved in our clinic.
We would like to continue to have a comfortable clinic like spring sunlight with constant laughter. Please continue your kind guidance.



This year, it was a heavy snowfall in Sapporo, but the thaw has progressed at high speed. Spring is just around the corner.
Last weekend, I participated in the symposium [ Osteology ], so our clinic had to be closed. We apologize the inconvinience. This participation after a long absence tickled my intellectual curiosity. I would like to continue to actively participate and make use of it in our clinical practice.




Spring is coming!! It feels like that the thaw is smoothly going on. Last Saturday, the risk of falling snow from our clinic roof was high, but it has already been avoided.
The flower at our reception this week is Mimosa. This is called the happy flower that heralds the arrival of spring. March 8th is the International Women's Day. In Europe,especially in Italy, there is custom that men present a bouquet of mimosa to women with their gratitude.
As last time announced, in this month, we irregularly closed. Please confirm.




The blizzards of these two days were like a disaster. Everybody is exhausted with clearing snow, and tired of heavy snowfall in this season. Due to this winter disaster, the compressor unit was almost buried in the snow.
Road conditions are bad, so be careful when you come our clinic.
Next month, the holidays will be irregular. We apologize for your inconvenience.




The winter Olympics in Beijing have finally begun. I hope that the dark topic of COVID-19 will gradually change to a bright one.
This weekend, heavy snow falls in Sapporo according to a weather forecast. It's a pity that the road is getting narrower even though the snow has been removed. Please be careful when you come to our clinic.
Today we would like to introduce the aligner orthodontics. It's not a traditinal orthodontic treatment that uses a wire, but a new treatment that uses mouthpieces. Aligner orthodontics is a simpler, more comfortable and cheaper. If you are interested in this aligner orthodontics, please tell our staff.




From the end of the year to last week, it snowed heavily in Sapporo. Snowfall disrupted traffic, and you are tired of romoving snow, aren't you? Please mind your step when you come to our clinic.
Due to the Omicron variant, the new coronavirus is still raging worldwide. However, it has reported that the pathologencity of the new variant is attenuated, we hope the day when humans will overcome this coronavirus is near! The dawn is almost over!